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  • Job Listings: Employers list jobs directly through the NCWorks Career Centers and NCWorks Online.
  • Job Search and Life Skills Classes: Classes to assist individuals on how to find and keep jobs, including learning how to manage any personal barriers to employment.
  • Computer Lab with Staff Assistance: Complete academic skills upgrades, skills assessments, computer-based tutorials, and connect to NCWorks Online for your personalized job search.
  • Resume Preparation: Staff are available to assist you with preparing a professional resume. Career Centers hold resume workshops, and maintain the needed software for resume preparation.
  • Skills Assessments: Evaluate your employment abilities, interest and basic skills.
  • GED and High School Completion: Complete classes needed to complete your High School Diploma or GED.
  • Occupational Skills Training and Literacy Skills: Referrals to specific training opportunities leading to employment, as well as programs to improve your reading, writing and math skills.



Special programs aimed at veterans, job seekers with criminal records, or individuals who have limited English language abilities to name a few.

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At GastonWorks Career Centers we offer programs to targeted populations. These include veterans overcoming barriers to employment, people drawing unemployment insurance benefits, job seekers with criminal records, individuals who have limited English-speaking capabilities, and young adults that need help in their career. You’ll receive personalized assistance with a specialist to help determine other available services through NCWorks or help with finding community resources.

Veterans Services
All of the services available to any adult are of course available to veterans. Many veterans have skills that are of interest to employers but may need help translating those skills from the military arena to a private business. Our services and staff can help with that.

For veterans who need additional support because of particular barriers to employment, our staff makes sure they get the extra help they need to enter the workforce. This might include younger veterans, those who are disabled, homeless, low income, or experiencing domestic violence. Additionally spouses of veterans may be eligible for special assistance in some cases. Your Career Center counselor will help you determine if you might benefit from targeted services.



Employment and Education Services for eligible youth aged 16 – 24.

View Youth Services

NCWorks NextGen Youth  program provides the best possible opportunity to find a job and keep it! Learn to set and accomplish goals, understand how to be a responsible employee, and start down a solid career path with a promising future. Staff will help you every step of the way. Several services that are available include:

  • GED Education
  • Life Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Individual Support
  • On-site and Virtual Workshops
  • Work Readiness Skills
  • Job Referrals/Placement
  • Work Experience
  • Transportation
  • Case Management/Mentoring